Anyone who follows consumer eating trends knows that there has been a major shift towards good-for-you foods. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about what they eat and aware of the ingredients used in the processed foods they buy every day.

This heightened awareness also means that manufacturers need to continuously reformulate their products, presenting a huge challenge. This change in consumer behavior has provided immense market opportunities for manufacturers to launch innovative new products with natural colors.

Naturex’s NAT colorTM range gives food and drink manufacturers infinite natural possibilities by providing all the shades nature has to offer. Two lines are available:

E-ColorTM is a complete range of high-performance color additives that achieve exact color targets. Whether you need juicy yellows, vibrant reds or leafy greens, this product line offers stable formulations that withstand the rigorous demands of the production environment, packaging, and shelf-life.

VegeBrite offers a comprehensive, vibrant palette of brilliant coloring foodstuffs made exclusively from concentrates of vegetables, edible flowers and algae. Minimally processed, they give confectionery, beverage and dairy products a new look with attractive and clean label colors.

Caramel alternatives: gluten free barley malt extract

Answering the food industry’s needs regarding caramel alternatives, Naturex offers gluten free barley malt extracts (<10 ppm gluten). These brown extracts demonstrate color properties that are similar to caramels in several kinds of applications, such as baked products, meat seasonings, and marinades.

Red#40 alternatives: de-flavored red radish extract

Another important focus is to provide stable alternatives to Red #40 and carmine. Recently, Naturex developed a de-flavored red radish extract offering new color possibilities for pink/red extruded cereals, strawberry yogurt, and food applications that undergo a heat process within a pH range of 4.0 to 5.8. Whereas traditional red berries and red vegetable concentrates fade as pH increases, red radish demonstrates superior stability due to its strong natural intramolecular co-pigmentation. Until now, the main disadvantage of this source was its strong sulfurous off-notes, which we have been able to significantly reduce in our new extract thanks to a de-flavoring process.

Secured and stabilized paprika color

Naturex, leader in highly stable paprika formulations in both liquid and powder form, has developed a secured sourcing for paprika to answer the growing demand for these extracts. Our sourcing department works closely with our business manager to follow the current and future market needs and avoid the risk of shortage. Offering clean labelling, these extracts are easy to recognize in the ingredient list and thus reassuring to consumers. Our paprika extracts offer a vibrant orange shade in prepared foods with higher stability than standard formulations on the market thanks to our strong expertise in two key areas: natural preservation and color formulation.