For those who would like to achieve their health goals without giving up their morning coffee or cream-based recipes, nutpods® is an alternative to half-and-half. It is free from dairy, soy, GMOs and carrageenan, and is certified Vegan, Gluten-free and OU Kosher.

Crafted from almonds and coconuts, nutpods is the first unsweetened, dairy-free creamer with the consistency of real cream. The creamer, made by Green Grass Foods, Inc., is available Original, French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors. "nutpods works beautifully with many different health resolutions, particularly for people trying to cut dairy or hydrogenated oils, or add more clean ingredients to their diet," stated founder and CEO Madeline Haydon. "nutpods was created to be a superior alternative to half & half and we are proud to be able to support our customers' healthy changes in 2016."

Haydon launched the company with a Kickstarter project to meet a need in the marketplace in 2013. It has since become a beloved, emerging brand with loyal and passionate fans looking for a clean, rich and unsweetened option for their coffee and tea, as well as their sweet and savory recipes. The market response has been overwhelming and nutpods has received glowing reviews from bloggers and influencers posting photos and recipes using nutpods. It is the highest-rated natural dairy-free creamer on Amazon, with over 430 reviews and an average of 4.3 stars, and has been selected as the official creamer on board the Holistic Holiday at Sea, one of National Geographic's Top 25 Cruises for your health.