Consumers are increasingly conscious of diet as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. These shoppers range from the general consumer simply looking for “better-for-you” options; to Baby Boomers, who are thinking about healthy aging.

Meanwhile, there’s another heavy topic to consider: obesity. Obesity is recognized as serious health issue with far-reaching implications. As a result, greater attention is being placed on efforts to turn back the tide of excessive weight gain.

Food manufacturers are increasingly turning to solutions that boosting fiber content while simultaneously lowering calorie intake. One new ingredient here is MGP’s Fibersym® RW. This unique resistant wheat starch, which acts like a prebiotic fiber, has a low caloric count, making it ideal for use in in a wide range of reduced calorie foods.

“Evidence exists based on food consumption data and clinical studies regarding the inverse relationship between fiber and obesity,” says Ody Maningat, PhD, MGP’s vice president of research & development and chief science officer. “Those who ingested the most dietary fiber had lower mean energy intake and lower body mass index (BMI) values, while those ingesting the least fiber tended to be the most obese.”

Dr. Maningat adds: “Fibersym RW delivers total minimum dietary fiber of 85% (dry basis) and has been used in the management of risk factors like obesity that contribute to cardiovascular disease. In a 12-week clinical study involving human subjects and published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in 2014, Fibersym® RW consumption resulted in a smaller waist circumference and lower percent body fat among the subjects.”

Body weight is a reflection of the balance between two variables: the calories a body takes in and the calories it burns off, Dr. Maningat noted. It is proposed that fiber acts as a physiological obstacle to energy intake by several mechanisms, which helps explain the role of fiber in weight management. Diets with adequate fiber are generally less energy dense (low calorie count). Also, diets with sufficient fiber occupy greater food volumes, or bulk, which may curb intake of other foods. Fibersym RW reduces glycemic response and promotes satiety, which is a feeling that comes after eating a meal and inhibits a person from eating again within a relatively short time span.

In addition to fiber fortification and calorie reduction benefits, Fibersym RW has a low water-holding capacity that allows for enhanced crispness and ease in formulating, can replace flour, and provides a smooth, non-gritty texture, neutral flavor and white “invisible” color. Also, because it is made from wheat, it is non-GMO.

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