Enjoy Life Foods launched five-pound Baking Mix packs specifically designed for the foodservice channel, offering a unique, one-of-a-kind allergy-friendly baking experience. Hot on the heels of Enjoy Life’s successful Baking Mix retail launch, the brand’s five pound Baking Mixes will feature the same functional ingredients and are available in all five signature varieties, including Pancake+Waffle, Brownie, Muffin, Pizza Crust and All-Purpose Flour.

A driver in the Gluten-Free Baking Mix category, Enjoy Life quickly rose to the top 12 brand spot with the retail launch of Baking Mixes in four short months from September to December 2015, making the decision to offer allergy-friendly baking to foodservice a natural next step.

“Consumers have responded better than we could have imagined when we recently launched our functional, free-from Baking Mixes on shelves, and we’re excited to provide foodservice operators with the same allergy-friendly option that’s previously been unavailable,” said Joel Warady, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Enjoy Life. “Our Baking Mixes are crafted with added probiotics for immune health, boast five grams per serving of plant-based algal protein, and ancient grains like Teff flour that is hand-harvested in Ethiopia. It’s these innovative ingredients and our history of producing trusted gluten-free and free-from foods that makes Enjoy Life the best option to bring baking safely back to commercial kitchens everywhere.”

Designed to make baking quick and easy, the Baking Mixes require adding only oil and water for better-for-you baked treats. Varieties include:

  • Pancake + Waffle Mix – A healthy twist to traditional breakfast mixes that are for any time of day.
  • Pizza Crust Mix – A unique crust that offers a traditional flavor profile for baking tangy to savory pies.
  • Brownie Mix – A rich-tasting chocolate mix that flaunts aromas to fulfill every sense.
  • Muffin Mix – A quick and easy versatile mix that bakes into sweet treats.
  • All-Purpose Flour – Finely-sifted flour that can be used as a staple ingredient in tasty cakes, breads and more.