Snowville Creamery’s yogurts from grass grazed cows eating only non-GMO feed and forage have been updated. Now all Snowville yogurts come from cows tested 100% for A2/A2 genetics. A2/A2 refers to a variation of protein found in cows’ milk, which some research has shown to be easier to digest than the A1 milk that is predominantly produced by cows in the US. All human milk is A2/A2.

“Consumers are hungry for better dairy products. At Snowville Creamery, we strive for continuous improvement, making more nourishing and delicious products,” said Warren Taylor, founder. The Snowville Creamery A2/A2 yogurts are available in Full-Fat Plain, Low-Fat Plain, Low-Fat Vanilla, Low-Fat Gingamon, Full-Fat Lemon Ginger and Full-Fat Coffee-Cardamom. They can be purchased at approximately 50 Whole Foods Markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, Giant Eagle stores throughout Columbus, Heinen’s Grocery Stores in Cleveland, and many other retail locations.

Founded in 2007 by Warren and his wife, Victoria, Snowville Creamery connects sustainable Ohio family dairy farms with discerning milk and yogurt lovers. The Creamery has produced yogurt since 2012.

Warren, a sincere dairy evangelist, believes that A2/A2 herds will have a transformative effect on the dairy industry, with small processors, such as Snowville Creamery, leading the way. In fact, Snowville is working toward having all their milk, including their renowned chocolate milk, be A2/A2 as supply becomes available.

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