Simply Gum announced that its premium all-natural chewing gum line is now available across the US and online at

Simply Gum is changing parts of the chewing gum market as it uses six all natural ingredients in its recipe with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

As consumers become more conscious about the ingredients used in the products they purchase, many are taking a closer look at conventional chewing gum brands. According to a recent study by a leading global market intelligence agency, more than 50% of millennials who purchase gum are concerned about the artificial ingredients that comprise it.

Simply Gum is now providing consumers with a natural alternative to traditional gum.

Simply Gum is completely plastic free and therefore biodegradable.

All natural chicle has taken the place of plastic, to give it that characteristic chew, while organic raw cane sugar and natural flavorings add interest for taste buds. The gum is currently available in six sophisticated flavor profiles, including the classic favorites of mint and cinnamon, as well as more adventurous options like fennel licorice, maple, ginger, and coffee.

In addition to the Vitamin Shoppe, Simply Gum can be found at Whole Foods and other select retailers across the nation.