Consumers like strawberries year ‘round and it’s no wonder that fresh strawberries are a $2.6 billion industry. Beverage Industry’s 2016 New Product Development Survey, published in January, reported that strawberry was the second most popular berry flavor used in beverage formulas with 55% of beverage formulators using it in 2015.

Move over strawberry, there’s a new player in town. Pineberry also known as Hula berry is a reverse strawberry, which is white in color with red seeds. In addition to the well-loved strawberry flavor, the Pineberry has subtle citrus hints of pineapple.

“Strawberry is a popular flavor across markets and we know younger consumers are experimental and seek new fruit flavors in alcoholic beverages. Recognizing this opportunity, Comax Flavors developed a natural Pineberry flavor for alcoholic beverages,” says Catherine Armstrong, Comax vice president of corporate communications. “Our Pineberry flavor engages consumers by combining expected and unexpected flavors.”

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