Utz® Quality Foods, Inc. added new Chesapeake Bay style Crab Cheese Balls to its snack line.

By pairing a hearty pinch of Chesapeake Bay style crab seasoning to its cheese ball recipe, Utz® has created a new flavor.

Utz® new Crab Cheese Balls are the latest introduction to the crab seasoned line. The first Utz® crab offering crunchy Chesapeake Bay style Crab Potato Chip, was introduced in 1983 and is currently the top crab chip in the United States, according to recent IRI data. Since then, the line has expanded and grown in popularity with the addition of the crispier, heartier Crab Kettle Potato Chip in a range of convenient sizes.

“With the continued popularity of our Utz® Crab Potato Chip offerings, we wanted to go further in providing consumers with what they demand, more ways to enjoy crab seasoned snacks,” said Jeff Martin, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Utz® Quality Foods Inc. “Pairing our popular Chesapeake Bay style seasoning with our famous cheese balls has made for a perfect combination.”

As a permanent addition to the Utz® snack line, these new Chesapeake Bay style Crab seasoned Cheese Balls are gluten free, made with real cheddar cheese and are available in 3.5-ounce and 8.5-ounce sizes.