Timed for July’s National Ice Cream Month, Yuengling’s Ice Cream launched its new 8-ounce single-size serving cups complete with spoon attached inside the lid. The product combines the convenience and novelty of a “grab and go” serving.

Currently being sold at the Yuengling’s Brewery Gift Shop, the new size is available in best-selling flavors Black and Tan, Vanilla, Root Beer Float, and Original Sea Salt Caramel Swirl.

“When we were developing this new size we wanted to cater to families that wanted the option of providing flavor options to each loved one while at the same time feeding the whole family on the go,” said David Yuengling, president, Yuengling’s Ice Cream. “We believe the 8-ounce cups hit the mark.”

Family-owned since 1920, Yuengling’s Ice Cream is American-made super-premium ice cream. According to the International Ice Cream Association, “super-premium” is a quality segment manufactured with the highest-quality ingredients with very low overrun and higher fat content, making the product creamier, richer, and smoother.