PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announces a new technology with strong anti-microbial properties that enhance the flavor of foods and beverages and provide improved product quality and longer shelf life.

Called PhytoShield™ Flavor Enhancer, the new technology was developed by New Jersey-based Flavor Solutions, Inc (FSI) and is based on decades of flavor enhancement experience. The technology is featured in a line of ingredients that can be incorporated in a broad range of food and beverage systems.

The anti-microbial efficacy of PhytoShield is a synergistic effect created by the reaction of bioflavonoids, flavor components, polyphenols and other organic acids. As a form of “self-preservation,” these flavor systems also deliver broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity, effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, molds and yeast–with performance comparable to or better than synthetic technologies.

As a natural flavor technology, PhytoShield allows the development of a cleaner label on food and beverage packaging. Low use rates and formulation-friendly physical characteristics make PhytoShield easy to incorporate.

Devin Stagg, vice president of Strategy & Business Development for PLT Health Solutions, notes that consumer prefer cleaner labels and products that feature natural or no preservatives.

“Addressing the need to eliminate, reconfigure or reduce reliance on preservatives, the industry has moved in a number of different directions – including changes in raw material and ingredient selection, new processing techniques and alternative packaging and storage methods,” says Stagg. “We were attracted to FSI’s novel concept for PhytoShield, where they combined commonly used natural flavor ingredients to create a non-preservative approach to managing microbial degradation. We thought this addressed another of the drawbacks of both artificial and natural preservative technology – off-flavor.”

“Laboratory and applications testing shows us that the flavor technology within PhytoShield is also helping to manage microbial degradation,” adds Shadi Riazi, PhD., a senior scientist and microbiologist for PLT. “For companies who have moved away from preservatives altogether or who use nature-based preservatives, we see the opportunity to protect product quality and extend the shelf life of their formulations. For companies who are using artificial preservatives, PhytoShield offers the opportunity for a cleaner label while safeguarding the important organoleptic aspects of their brand.”

Easy Formulation, Broad Applicability & Customized Solutions
The PhytoShield line features components that are traditionally used in the development of natural flavors. All components of these systems are GMO-free. Organic compliant grades of PhytoShield are available. These ingredients are effective over a broad pH range (2-10) and are temperature stable up to 130o C.

The flavor enhancing characteristics of PhytoShield ingredients are matched to the food or beverage product under consideration and can be customized in FSI’s Applications Development Center. For most applications, addition rates of PhytoShield ingredients are low.

Riazi adds, “With PhytoShield, we are seeing anti-microbial performance on a par with some of the synthetic ingredients companies are trying to replace – all emanating from the flavor systems of a food or beverage formulation. We also note that performance and taste are improved compared to natural solutions on the market. We are looking forward to working with the experts at FSI and our customers to develop solutions based on PhytoShield that help reach product quality, organoleptic and shelf life goals.”

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