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Nancy Giordano
Founder, Strategic Futurist
Play Big, Inc.

She’s ranked among the nation’s top 50 futurists. However, Nancy Giordano, founder of Play Big Inc., Austin, Texas, brings so much more to the table! Nancy also is a veteran strategist who strives to better leverage the powerful possibilities that exist at the intersection of business trends, societal needs and authentic brand stories.

With an especially strong interest in health, nutrition, and the conscious economy, Nancy is a strong advocate for values-centric strategy and building brands (and companies) of purpose. She has more than 20 years of strategic and executive leadership experience at leading advertising agencies in NYC, Chicago and LA and as strategic futurist and founder of Play Big Inc + Cultural Acupuncture, Nancy has guided the positioning and communications strategies for a wide range of national brands including the global juice segment for The Coca Cola Company, Nestlé Frozen Foods, Edgewell brands (formerly Energizer), Brinker International (Chili’s restaurants), Sprint, Del Monte foods, Burger King, and several international entertainment and travel associations. Nancy also helped architect Safeway’s successful "Ingredients for Life” pivot and was one of the first TEDx licensees + event curators in the world.

Passionate to help leaders drive meaningful change, Nancy aims to make the future tangible in strategically designed interactive, hands-on sessions so that attendees better relate and take home what they learn!

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