Siemer Specialty Ingredients offers an all-natural waxy wheat flour that brings advantages in consumer appeal to products such as baked goods, regular and frozen pancakes and gravies.

Bakery products utilizing waxy wheat flour have more of a uniform crumb. A better interior structure improves air holding ability and delivers superior moisture retention. The flour also improves the freeze/thaw ability for regular and frozen pancakes.

In gravies, issues with lumps are reduced and the finished product has a smoother mouthfeel.

Because the flour has the ability to produce a thicker batter, some products with a certain viscosity and consistency can incorporate less flour, saving ingredients costs. Shelf life is extended, reducing product waste on the retail shelf.

About Siemer
Siemer Specialty Ingredients is a division of Siemer Milling Company that offers naturally treated wheat flour, germ and bran, enabling food manufacturers to replace chemically modified ingredients in foods and mixes.

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