SweeTARTS launched five new custom college SweeTARTS Gummies inspired by the school mascots of University of California Los Angeles, University of Texas, University of Tennessee, The Ohio State University and University of Arkansas.

The SweeTARTS campaign is the first activation in a multi-year partnership between Nestlé Confections, IMG, and the five universities. Additional IMG partner universities will be added in future years.

As a continuation of SweeTARTS’ Follow Your TART campaign, which encourages fans to follow their passions, the brand is releasing these limited-edition SweeTARTS gummies to high-five some of the most passionate fans around: college football fans. Alumni, current students and loyal fans of these five schools can enjoy these soft and chewy gummies at tailgates, rallies and even as a treat while walking around campus.

SweeTARTS College Gummies are molded into the custom shape and color of their respective school’s mascot: UCLA’s Bruin Bear in yellow; the University of Texas’ Longhorn in orange; University of Tennessee’s iconic “T” in orange, The Ohio State University’s Brutus Buckeye in red and University of Arkansas’ Razorback in red. These new products are the perfect pop-able treat for avid fans, as they flock to tailgates and stadiums on game day.

“We know how passionate football fans are—waiting in line for hours, painting their entire bodies in school colors—they’ll do just about anything in support of their favorite teams,” said SweeTARTS Brand Manager Meghan Erickson. “SweeTARTS is honoring these passionate fans by celebrating school spirit with our college-themed SweeTARTS Gummies. Now everyone can celebrate with these delicious treats, making them part of their game day rituals.”