Treeline Treenut Cheeses is attempting to take dairy-free cheese to a new level. With September’s launch in the Kroger family of store, Treeline will become an artisanal non-dairy cheese to be widely distributed through traditional supermarket channels.

“Artisanal treenut cheeses just went mainstream,” says Michael Schwarz, Treeline’s founder and CEO. “That speaks volumes for the desirability of our products in particular, and where the plant-based market is heading in general.”

Treeline’s innovative treenut cheeses contain no dairy. Instead, Treeline products are made from cashew nuts, fermented using a process similar to that used in some dairy cheese production. The cheeses are probiotic and free from all artificial ingredients, preservatives, gums, thickeners and stabilizers. “Treeline’s truly ‘clean label’ embodies exactly what today’s conscious consumer is looking for,” says Schwarz.

Treeline’s products appeal to a wide range of food demographics - from lovers of fine cheese to vegans, lactose intolerant people and followers of gluten-free, paleo and kosher diets. Treeline products can be found in a large number of “natural channel” stores like Whole Foods Markets, Natural Grocers, MoM’s Organic Markets and several smaller health food stores and coops.