Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) has the experience and a portfolio of ingredient solutions to turn product concepts into reality and streamline any customer’s manufacturing processes. GPC used SupplySide West to showcase samples and information about its premium maltodextrins and specialty starches.

Better-For-You Snack Solutions
INSTANT PURE-COTE® modified food starch is the perfect binder to replace traditional syrups and provide ingredient adhesion in bars, clusters and other better-for-you snack applications while enhancing the crunchy texture. GPC invited SupplySide attendees to sample a wholesome No-Sugar-Added Crunchy Granola.

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Instant Dispersion
This Quick-Dispersing Dry Mix Energy Beverage is a perfect solution for instantly transforming “powder in a pouch” into a refreshing blood orange-mango flavored drink by simply mixing it with water. Besides delivering a readily digestible carbohydrate source with a neutral flavor, MALTRIN QD® (quick dispersing) maltodextrin provides instant dispersion as well as enhanced body and mouthfeel to the beverage.

Quality Cold Water Granulations
Whether using high shear, top spray or rotor granulation, a quality product relies on a good binder. MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins are versatile binders that can be dry blended with the active ingredient and granulated using only cold water. They also can be instantly incorporated into water to provide an effective binding solution for granulations.

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Soft-Gel Solutions
The excellent film-forming properties of PURE-COTE® modified starch are ideal for popular soft-gel, vegetable-based capsules and other applications requiring clear, flexible films that are fast drying and flavor-free.

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Have a Sticky Situation?
Oily and aqueous ingredients that are difficult to disperse require a carrier that can absorb while maintaining free-flowing powder characteristics. A PURE-DENT® B730 Absorbent Starch Plating Demo features the use of B730 as a plating agent for various ingredients.

Watch a video series showing PURE-DENT® B730 absorbent starch in action

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