This holiday season, Farm Rich is baking up a whole new line of premium breakfast and snack items as part of its Farm Rich Bakery introduction. The new products, from one of the nation’s largest frozen snacks and appetizers lines, includes Egg, Sausage & Cheese Pull Aparts, Donut Holes, protein-packed French Toast Sticks and Scones.

With this new product line, Farm Rich Bakery is here to make the day just a little sweeter with baked-good snacks ready in minutes, right from the freezer, any time of day.

The New Farm Rich Bakery Line:

· Egg, Sausage & Cheese Pull Aparts – Filled with 15 grams of protein per serving, this baked bread is for those on-the-go mornings for busy folks and families.

· Donut Holes – Pop these in the oven for a warm donut snack or breakfast – in Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate with Vanilla Glaze varieties.

· Scones – As one of the first ready-to-eat frozen scone products available nationwide, the new Blueberry Scones are ready to bake.

· Premium French Toast Sticks – Farm Rich invented the French Toast Stick, and this popular breakfast item remains one of the brand’s best-selling products today. The new premium product has real cinnamon and each serving is loaded with 10 grams of protein.