Base Culture, a Tampa-based company known for its Paleo-certified baked goods and snacks, introduced decadent but guilt-free brownie flavors: Cashew Butter Blondie and Raspberry Cocoa Brownie. The company also launched its limited-edition Peppermint Cocoa Brownie, hitting store shelves in October 2018.

The Cashew Butter Blondie combines the sweet flavors of caramel and honey to create a soft, cake-like treat that's topped with crunchy pecan pieces. The Raspberry Cocoa Brownie fuses dark chocolate with tart raspberry pieces for a winning blend of whole, real ingredients with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Base Culture is revolutionizing the way consumers look at Paleo-certified foods by creating good-tasting products using a blend of clean, real ingredients. By using innovative techniques and simple ingredients to create rich and flavorful products, Base Culture is providing customers the tools needed to embrace an all-natural, healthy lifestyle. All of Base Culture's products are Paleo-certified, gluten/grain/dairy-free, non-GMO with no refined/processed sugar or preservatives.