Natural and organic labels, which have long been present on food and beverages in the grocery channel, are increasingly popping up on away-from-home menus. According to a recent Multi Client Study by Technomic Inc., more than one in five Top 500 Restaurant Chain Menus offer items described as "natural" or "organic", and four in five operators that offer natural and organic menu items say these options have driven sales and traffic. With results like that, it is important that suppliers and operators in the foodservice industry understand the drivers of the trend and the potential impact on the industry and on their business.

"There is no doubt that interest in natural and organic has grown," says Kathryn Fenner, a principal at Technomic. "Natural and organic foods provide an opportunity because the terms have come to signal health without detracting from taste and satisfaction with the food."

And as natural and organic claims become more widespread, consumer expectations will rise, making a fresh, natural positioning a "must have" in many situations.

For suppliers and operators to effectively and efficiently target the natural and organic opportunity, Technomic Inc. is launching a new multi-client study, titled Natural and Organic: The Impact on Foodservice. This unique study will provide a 360° view of the natural and organic foodservice landscape using a comprehensive approach, combining industry, menu, consumer, operator and distributor insights.

Report features include:

  • A comprehensive look at consumer attitudes and preferences for natural and organic offerings when dining away from home.
  • An analysis of the role and importance of natural and organic on foodservice operator menus.
  • Examples of how operators are using certain natural and organic products to drive traffic and same store sales growth.
  • A snapshot of the size and growth of the natural and organic label business for key food categories, along with insights and expert analysis of the implications across the restaurant industry.