TerraVia, a plant-based food, nutrition and specialty ingredients company, announced that Health Canada issued an approval for its Whole Algal Protein ingredient for food use in Canada. With this approval, TerraVia has successfully achieved regulatory approval for its portfolio of AlgaVia® Whole Algae Ingredients—including AlgaVia® Whole Algal Protein and AlgaVia® Whole Algal Flour—for food use across North America. 

“TerraVia continues to achieve regulatory clearance for its algae food ingredients across regulatory bodies and geographies,” says Mark Brooks, senior vice president, Food & Ingredients. “Health Canada’s approval of our protein-rich whole algae ingredient provides new opportunities for customers across Canada, Mexico and the United States to respond to consumer demand for food and beverages containing plant-based protein.”

AlgaVia® Protein-Rich Whole Algae is unique among plant-based proteins as it is a whole food ingredient containing over 60% vegan protein plus a rich collection of fiber, lipids and micronutrients. It’s free of known allergens, gluten-free, non-GMO and has a neutral flavor profile and texture, making it a great option for fortifying food products that meet current consumer demand. 

According to Mintel’s “Alternative’s Everywhere” trend report, nearly 30% of Americans say they are eating more non-animal sources of protein. The growing trend toward plant-based proteins is due to the increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets and demand for allergen-free protein sources. TerraVia’s AlgaVia® Protein-Rich Whole Algae can address a key market need for new, alternative plant-based proteins that are vegan and free of known allergens as well as provide an innovative solution for sustainable sources of protein. 

AlgaVia® Lipid-Rich Whole Algae is a trans-fat and cholesterol free lipid powder that helps enable the creation of healthier products with satisfying taste and textures. This alternative healthier fat source can enable the reduction or full replacement of dairy fats, oil and egg yolks. 

Both AlgaVia® Protein-Rich Whole Algae (whole algal protein) and AlgaVia® Lipid-Rich Whole Algae (whole algal flour) are also classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in compliance with US FDA regulations concerning substances for food use. 

About TerraVia 

TerraVia is a plant-based food, nutrition and specialty ingredients company that harnesses the power of algae, the mother of all plants and earth's original superfood. With a portfolio of breakthrough ingredients and manufacturing, the company is well positioned to help meet the growing need of consumer packaged goods and established and emerging food manufacturers to improve the nutritional profile of foods without sacrificing taste, and to develop select consumer brands. The company also manufactures a range of specialty personal care ingredients for key strategic partners. Headquartered in South San Francisco, Calif., the company's mission is to create products that are truly better for people and better for the planet. 

For additional information, please visit TerraVia's website at www.terravia.com.