As the protein market continues to grow, so does consumer interest in plant-based protein options. For example, the global plant protein market is projected to reach a value of more than $10 billion by 2020.(1)

While manufacturers look for ways to capitalize on this growing market and consumer demand, the two biggest challenges our customers face when using plant protein are:

Taste: It’s difficult to find a plant protein with acceptable taste and aroma profiles, as they are often known for their poor flavor, texture, and palatability; and

Nutrition: Finding a quality plant-based protein that provides an amino acid profile similar to animal based proteins. 

Kerry’s ProDiem

Kerry used Natural Products Expo West to introduce ProDiem™, a plant-based protein solution optimized for nutrition, texture, and taste. 

With taste considerations as a driver of innovation, ProDiem™ was developed through a proprietary processing technique and utilizes Kerry’s flavor masking technology to address the grainy, chalky texture and mask the characteristic off notes and bitterness traditionally associated with plant proteins. 

To address nutrition, ProDiem includes a combination of plant proteins including pea, rice, and oats to improve the PDCAAS, an internationally-recognized method of evaluating protein quality, and deliver a solution with an amino acid profile closer to animal protein. 

The unique combination delivers a protein solution with several nutritional benefits, such as:

* Weight management

* Maintaining lean body mass and muscle health 

* Helping to support appetite and hunger control

ProDiem is an ideal solution for nutritional beverages and bars. 

(1) Mordor Intelligence 2016

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