Developed and produced for a wide range of food applications, MGP’s specialty wheat starches provide multiple options and benefits to customers based on desired end product results. 

With a focus on delivering a combination of nutritional, functional and sensory qualities, these ingredients have continued to expand and evolve in alignment with major trends in the marketplace.  MGP’s patented Fibersym® RW and FiberRite® RW resistant wheat starches, for example, excel as fiber fortifying ingredients, providing a number of health-related and functional benefits, along with formulation and taste advantages compared to other fiber sources.

MGP’s premium cook-up and instant starches, marketed under the names Midsol™ and Pregel™, possess a whole host of functional capabilities and deliver a clean, brilliant look to product formulations.  They include starches that serve as excellent thickeners, produce tender, clear gels with good sheen, and provide exceptional freeze-thaw stability for frozen and refrigerated foods.

Many of MGP’s starches in the Midsol and Pregel lines have remarkable water-binding characteristics that improve the moistness of bakery products such as cakes and muffins, while others provide outstanding adhesion for fried batters and breadings to maintain a uniform and crispy coating.  The company also offers starches that can be used to offset the need for added sodium and other flavor-masking agents in certain types of food, including soups and sauces.

As previously announced, all of MGP’s wheat starches are Non-GMO Project Verified and also include clean label offerings.  Additionally, the company’s starches are noted for their bright white color, which can noticeably improve the appearance of several foods.

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About MGP

Founded in 1941, MGP (Nasdaq: MGPI) is a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty wheat proteins and starches. Distilled spirits include bourbon and rye whiskeys, gins and vodkas, which are carefully crafted through a combination of art and science backed by decades of experience. The company's proteins and starches are created in the same manner and provide a host of functional, nutritional and sensory benefits for a wide range of food products. MGP additionally is a top producer of high quality industrial alcohol for use in both food and non-food applications. The company is headquartered in Atchison, Kan., where distilled alcohol products and food ingredients are produced. Premium spirits are also distilled and matured at the company’s facility in Lawrenceburg, Ind.  For more information, visit