Patrick Cudahy® introduced a convenient addition to its line of lunch meats, Patrick Cudahy Lunch Packs.

Available in Honey Ham, Smoked Ham, Roasted Turkey, and Smoked Turkey varieties, the Patrick Cudahy Lunch Packs include two individual lunch meat packages for longer-lasting freshness, which make up to four sandwiches. The easy-open packs also offer convenience for on-the-go consumers, and each pack features new Patrick Cudahy recipes, inviting consumers to try creations like “Smoked Ham and Bacon” or the “Oven Roasted Turkey Everything Bagel.”

Patrick Cudahy Lunch Packs are now available in 8-ounce packages at select grocery stores throughout Wisconsin. All varieties, including Honey Ham, Smoked Ham, Roasted Turkey, and Smoked Turkey, are pre-sliced, deli thin, and ready to eat. This new product is gluten-free with no MSG, trans-fat, or allergens.