To eat is to explore, and what better way to start your journey than with the food we eat each day. In a recent survey, 81% of 18-34-year-old Millennials surveyed state that they enjoy exploring new cultures through food.i Enter Véa: the all-new snack portfolio from Mondelēz International that delivers real ingredients in unique combinations crafted from globally-inspired recipes.

This is not a typical snack; combining ingredients like sweet potato, butternut squash and quinoa and serving them up in inspired global recipes, Véa provides a wholesome snack for those interested in discovering something new. The entire Véa portfolio contains no artificial colors or flavors, and is always non-GMO Project Verified.

Véa is available in three formats and six different recipes:

Véa Seed Crackers are for snacking, especially with artisan cheese or preserves. Available in Greek Hummus with Olive Oil flavor with ingredients such as chickpeas and sunflower seeds, and Mexican Garden Herbs variety with ingredients such as sunflower seeds, black beans and herbs.

Véa World Crisps are available in Tuscan Herbs with Roasted Garlic flavor with ingredients such as pearl barley, and Andean Quinoa and Spices variety with ingredients such as quinoa sourced from the Andes and cayenne pepper.

Véa Mini Crunch Bars offer a unique texture and satisfying crunch. Available in Thai Coconut flavor with ingredients such as coconut and sweet potato, and Peruvian Sweet Potato variety with ingredients such as sweet potatoes sourced from Peru and brown rice.

With a strong focus on authenticity and unique, real ingredients, Véa is fully embracing its roots by working with like-minded partners to create its Find Your Way to Real campaign aimed at reaching the well-being-focused millennial. 

The Véa portfolio can be found in the cracker aisle at major supermarkets, drug stores and select natural retailers nationwide, as well as online at your favorite retailers. The Véa portfolio is available in a 1.7-ounce bag, a 5-ounce bag, a 20-ounce bag and a 12x1.2-ounce carton.