Primitive Feast, a company founded by four lifelong athletes, launched its line of quick, “clean” meals crafted from high-protein ingredients that contain no added sugars or preservatives.

The company’s five initial product offerings include Chicken Masala, Chicken in Bell Pepper Sauce, Grass-fed Beef Chili, Grass-fed Beef Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, and Chili Verde with Chicken. Primitive Feast entrees use grass fed/grass finished beef and organic chicken breast, are free of gluten, milk, and soy, and contain only olive oil or other healthy fats. Each single-serving package ranges between 240-440 calories apiece and provides between 27-38 grams of protein per serving.

The company’s four founders, Betty Morin, Yin Goh, Scott Fennel and Rick Friedman, possess the complementary mix of commercial and culinary skills that allowed them to create a line of products they believe has the power to redefine the very nature of frozen foods. Their lifelong pursuit of personal fitness provided the common ground that serves as the inspiration for their work. That history granted insight about not only the nutritional needs of athletes, but also the demands of anyone looking for quick, healthy food.