Cultivated by Buddhist monks nearly 800 years ago, monk fruit has been one of Southeast Asia’s most notable melons. It has been used to sweeten foods and beverages for hundreds of years, and now the Western world is taking notice. 
Steviva Brands, a pioneer in pure, all-natural, and organic alternative sweeteners, is leading the monk fruit charge in the West, and announced the launch of MonkJuice™ in its Steviva Brands consumer products line. A 100% natural fruit juice concentrate that is 15-20 times sweeter than sugar and contains zero calories, MonkJuice is a unique solution for decreasing sugar consumption without compromising taste. MonkJuice is made from 100% monk fruit juice manufactured strictly in accordance with WHO Codex regulations for fruit juice processing.
No Calories, No Effect on Blood Sugar 
“Sugar intake is a real struggle for many people but many sugar substitutes and sugar alternatives are often filled with harmful chemicals and ingredients,” says Thom King, founder and CEO of Steviva Brands. “MonkJuice is a truly unique product because it offers great-tasting low-calorie sweetness from the fruit juice of a small melon. It’s a win-win!” 
Since monk fruit is a zero-calorie sweetener and does not affect blood sugar levels,  Steviva believes that it is a good option for people with diabetes who are managing carbohydrate and sugar intake. The sugar substitute is also an excellent option for people who want to eat more natural products and moderate their sugar intake. 
Monk fruit juice is considered a traditional food in Australia, New Zealand, China and most of East and Southeast Asia. In the United States, Steviva Brands’ MonkJuice monk fruit juice concentrate is GRAS by Scientific Procedures, and can be used in all food and beverage products at any use level.
MonkJuice is allergen free and kosher certified and is available now in two-ounce squeeze bottles (250 servings). All Steviva Brands sweeteners, including MonkJuice, are available online at and are distributed through Azure Standard.