The Jersey Tomato Co., maker of premium New Jersey tomato sauces and salsas, announced that three flavors of its tomato sauces are now available at all 245 Harris Teeter Neighborhood & Pharmacy stores. The three SKUs available at Harris Teeter are Marinara, Tomato Basil and Spicy. The Jersey Tomato Co. can also be found at Kroger and its family of stores nationwide, including Fred Myer and Ralph’s, bringing the company’s products to thousands of points of distribution nationally.
All products from The Jersey Tomato Co., including salsas and pizza sauces, are made with 100% New Jersey tomatoes. The New Jersey tomato is celebrated like the Italian San Marzano tomato for flavor. All products from The Jersey Tomato Co. are marked with the “Made Jersey Fresh” logo, indicating certification from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture that every tomato was grown and harvested in New Jersey.
The New Jersey tomato has distinct attributes such as unmatched sweetness, tartness and epic taste. This premium tomato is the result of the New Jersey soil composition, which has an acidic pH balance, combined with the ideal summer climate. Because of the New Jersey tomato’s inherent qualities, the Jersey Tomato Co. sauces have 60% lower sodium than the other leading tomato sauce brands. Bursting with farm fresh flavor, tomato sauces from The Jersey Tomato Co. are lower in calories and fat, naturally lower in sodium and have no added sugar. No added preservatives allow the naturally occurring flavor to shine through – along with antioxidants and vitamins - making these sauces a healthier than most leading tomato sauce brands.