Phivida Holdings Inc., which offers premium beverages and clinical products infused with active hemp extract, launched "Oki" brand. The new line of functional beverages and supplements are infused with Active Hemp Extract and will be available to consumers in up to 2,400 natural specialty store locations within the United States.

Oki beverages are infused with 10mg of active hemp extract per bottle and come in two different formulations: iced teas and flavor-infused water, each ranging in four different 16-ounce flavors.

Oki supplements are available in tinctures or capsules that range in doses from 600-1800 total mg of Active Hemp Extract.

All products contain non GMO, natural and organic ingredients and are plant based and vegan friendly and packaged in sleek 100% recyclable glass containers.

The initial bottling production run of Oki products was 100,000 units, with an additional 150,000 currently scheduled. Distribution is planned to a broad range of retailers through its exclusive national agreement with Natural Specialty Sales.