Alpine Start, Boulder-based makers of premium instant coffee, announced its latest launch of functional beverages 'With Benefits' via Kickstarter. Inspired by the needs of elite Mount Everest climbers, Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards, Alpine Start worked closely with both athletes to help formulate the company's newest line of instant beverages fortified with vitamins, adaptogens and MCTs.
Created to provide clean, optimal energy, the new IMMUNITY + FOCUS / With Benefits line includes two varieties that can be made instantly. The two flavor profiles range from a higher caffeinated organic coffee or low-caffeine organic matcha green tea. Both powdered instant blends are vegan, free of added sugars, and deliver a healthy dose of adaptogenic mushrooms (organic reishi + lion's mane), MCT's (medium-chain triglycerides), and Vitamins D and A.
In addition to Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards, Alpine Start welcomes a number of reputable and inspiring athletes to its ambassador list including professional photographer and Emmy-nominated director, Keith Ladzinski and world renowned rock climber, Emily Harrington. The new IMMUNITY + FOCUS products launched today on Kickstarter and customers can expect to see the products in retail distribution, and on the Alpine Start website, starting April 2021.