Dietz & Watson of Philadelphia has become a national leader in the production of premium no-antibiotics ever and organic franks & sausages, deli meats, rBST-free cheeses and now, a large variety of organic and no antibiotics ever snacking items. The company’s raw materials are sourced from farms where animals are treated with dignity and respect and are allowed to grow at their natural rate without the routine use of antibiotics.

As an emerging market in an established space, the “better for you” snacking category has room to grow as consumers look to eat better through healthier snacking. To compete with a host of other snack options on the market, Dietz & Watson, which will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019, is focusing on the use of familiar whole food ingredients, a wide assortment of offerings, innovative flavors, and dynamic packaging that improves consumer interest and convenience.

Nearly ALL US adults snack, and more than two-thirds snack at least twice a day, so there’s a huge opportunity in the category. In large part, due to medical conditions including obesity and heart disease linked to unhealthy diets, many consumers are altering their diets, including their snacking choices, so Dietz & Watson created a line of healthier snacking items under the Dietz & Watson Originals line.

These items are all “no antibiotics” ever and include some organic options as well. From high protein charcuterie snacks and beef jerky to rBGH-free cheese curds and medallions to fire roasted vegetables and imported pouched olives, this “better for you” Originals snacking line positions us for growth in this category for years to come.

Dietz & Watson has been producing low fat and low-salt “better for you” items since the ‘80s, but the new line called Originals was introduced two years ago and not only addressed the growing demand for ABF products, but was also a nod to simpler times and to the honest, natural foods that were around when Gottlieb Dietz founded Dietz & Watson in 1939.\

Nobody knows exactly what the future holds with regards to antibiotic use on farms, but Dietz & Watson does know this much; moving forward, all raw materials for every item that the company prepares will come from suppliers who limit the use of human antibiotics except in the case of humane, therapeutic treatment of illness. As of 2016, they no longer work with suppliers who routinely use antibiotics to promote growth. They are committed to this program and will conduct annual audits of each and every one of its suppliers to ensure they are committed to the ABF program and standards.

The Originals Organic Beef Jerky in 2.5-ounce resalable pouches are very popular and come in four flavors: Chipotle, Pepper, Teriyaki and Classic Beef Jerky.

Imported from Italy, the line includes three varieties of 2.2-ounce pouched olives – Seasoned, Green and Citrus. They also have 12-ounce Roasted Red and Yellow Peppers, Tri-color Sweety Peppers, Sweety Pepper Drops and mixed packs of Piquillo Peppers with Artichoke Quarters, Artichoke Halves and Eggplant.

But from Dietz & Watson, the line wouldn’t be complete without some classic proteins, so the line includes some Italian specialty chubs including a Truffle Salami, Sopressata, Pepper Salami, Chorizo, Genoa Salami and an Herb de Provence Salami.

Rounding out the line are 4-ounce packs of meat and cheese medallions and mini paninos that include peperoni, genoa salami or prosciutto wrapped over mozzarella cheese.