Earnest Eats launched Earnest Eats Protein + Probiotic Toasty, or Pro Toasty™, a high-performance toaster pastry, at 2019 Natural Products Expo West. Available in three re-imagined classic flavors, Pop, Lock & Chocolate, Tap That Maple and Strawberry Vanilla Thrilla, each pastry is packed with 9-10 grams of non-GMO, grass-fed collagen protein, the power of one billion colony forming units (CFUs) of live probiotics and almond butter filling. 

“Toaster pastries have been a staple in morning routines for years, yet the classic pastry most people remember from their childhood hasn’t evolved in decades,” said Andrew Aussie, president and founder of Earnest Eats. “The toaster pastry aisle remains packed with options full of empty carbs and sugar and minimal protein and nutrition. Our new Pro Toasty is shaking up the breakfast categories by offering a higher protein breakfast that is a natural makeover on a sugary indulgence, blast-from-the-past breakfast crafted with complex carbohydrates, probiotics and a protein superfood filling to fuel your mornings.”

Each Protein + Probiotic Toasty is filled with rich, powerful almond butter that delivers three times the protein, 10 times the digestive health and less than half the sugar than other toaster pastries, according to the company. In addition to enhancing the category with healthy fats, the Pro Toasty is cleanly crafted without high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives or coloring. Each pastry offers a high-protein option loaded with complex carbs, probiotics for digestive support and a scrumptious protein superfood filling to satisfy and fuel morning hustles. 

Protein + Probiotic Toasty will be available in March for a suggested retail price of $3.99 per toasty.