Healthy Indulgence

BENEO used the ISM Sweets & Snacks trade fair in Cologne, Germany, to sample toffees with its functional carbohydrate, Palatinose. Palatinose replaces more than 30% of the high glycemic sugars contained in a standard toffee recipe, supporting a lower blood glucose response. “Traditionally toffees conjure up pure indulgence and nostalgia but at the same time a relatively unhealthy image for consumers,” said Thomas Schmidt, BENEO marketing director. “However, the new toffees with Palatinose … preserve the traditionally creamy-sweet taste and the pleasant bite and mouthfeel of their traditional counterparts but have a significantly better nutritional profile, with a lower blood glucose response. This is BENEO’s answer to growing consumers interest in ‘better carbs’ and their wish to balance blood sugar levels while enjoying an indulgent treat.” Palatinose (isomaltulose) is derived from sugar beet and has similar technological properties as sucrose. The functional carbohydrate is fully, yet slowly released, and provides glucose in a sustained manner. This ensures that blood sugar levels stay balanced.


Non-GMO Project Verified

Lycomato, Lycored’s proprietary blend for supplements, has become the first tomato extract to carry the Non-GMO Project Verified seal. Lycomato is Lycored’s first proprietary blend and remains one of its best-selling products. Certified in the US and EU, it offers a synergistic combination of carotenoids, tocopherols, and phytosterols, sourced from non-GMO tomatoes. Zev Ziegler, head of Global Brand & Marketing (Health) at Lycored, notes: “Letting nature provide a path towards wellness has always been a core pillar of our company. In that light, we’re proud to announce that Lycomato has become the first Non-GMO Project verified tomato extract on the market.”


Prolonged Protein

FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ new Micelate Prestige is a premium quality, cold-processed, native micellar casein isolate, derived from high quality milk. Its unique microfiltration process results in a very pure micellar casein with a 95:5 casein-to-whey ratio. Micellar casein is known for its prolonged digestion profile when compared to other common dairy protein sources available in the sports nutrition market today. This prolonged digestion profile ensures a sustained release of amino acids, supporting muscle mass and strength gain augmentation during sleep or when a longer recovery period is available. Instantized for ease-of-use, Micelate Prestige offers a pleasant sensory experience. With its great stability, easy dispersion, low viscosity and superior emulsification characteristics, it is an ideal component for a variety of end-applications.
—FrieslandCampina Ingredients North America, Inc.,

Organic Superfruit Powder

Baobab (Adansonia digitata), also called “Africa’s tree of life,” is a majestic and impressive tree. Nexira’s new Organic Baobab Pulp Powder offers the best of superfruit: a high nutrient content (magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc.) and a high antioxidant activity. It also is considered all natural and is sustainably sourced in Africa. Thanks to all of its nutritional characteristics, Nexira’s Organic Baobab Powder is easy to incorporate in a large array of applications: functional food and beverages, smoothies and juices, supplements, mixes and also snacks, cereals, fruit bars, ice creams and yogurts.


Plant Sterols

PhytoPin is a pine phytosterols product from the Les Landes forest in southwest France. It is produced by a vertically integrated manufacturer, which provides complete traceability.  PhytoPin is more than 99% sterol isomers and is comprised of 75% Beta-Sitosterol and just under 90% Beta-Sitosterol and Beta-Sitostanol. It also contains about 12% campesterol and campestanol. This leaves less than 3% other sterol isomers in the product. Because of this, PhytoPin is an extremely efficient, Non-GMO source of plant sterols with a high potency for meeting approved health claims related to heart health, prostate health and even hair loss.

—Roxlor LLC,