Gluten Free Breadings

PGP International offers many gluten-free ingredients all approved by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. Offerings include extruded particulates (soy, pea, rice and grain and pulse crisps); gluten-free breaders (rice food coatings, rice crumbs); and a range of flours, rice and rice bran options. These include PAC grain-based functional ingredients, rice flours and meals, glutinous rice and rice flours, rice flour premixes and rice bran. Our ingredients help you eliminate gluten but keep product functionality and quality. Our ingredients improve the taste and texture of gluten-free bakery products, mixes, batters, breads, energy and nutrition bars, pasta and more.

—PGP International, Inc.,

Better Batters

Advanced Food Systems offers Seal ‘N Crisp FVS T# 38 for vegetable applications and Seal ‘N Crisp FMS for meat, poultry and seafood applications. Both ingredients provide an extra crispy, light texture for ready-to-cook and/or fully-cooked products. They also can be used as tempura-style coating or traditional batter on products where the final coating is a breader or crumb. Another on-trend feature is that the batter can be made with water only or other liquids such as beer. Functionally, these ingredients can serve as both predust and batter, which reduces the number of ingredients. This helps batching, storage/inventory and purchasing. The batters can be mixed in a standard batter mixer and may be applied using a standard overflow batter applicator. The leavening system also does not “gas-off” during extended holding times or production cycles. No MSG or egg allergens.

—Advanced Food Systems,

Gluten-Free Solution

Expand your product portfolio in retail and foodservice with gluten-free batters and breadings. Formulators can deliver the satisfying eating experience that wheat-flour-based systems offer—but without the gluten—with innovative ingredient solutions and application expertise from Ingredion. From plant-based HOMECRAFT Pulse flours and VITESSENCE Pulse proteins to non-wheat-based starches and dextrins, Ingredion can help formulators create “just-right” texture and appearance for the crispy and crunchy batters and breadings your consumers’ desire.

—Ingredion Incorporated,

Batters & Breadings

Newly Weds Foods understands the complexity of formulating customized coating systems, of which batters are an integral part. They are developed to work with other components such as marinades, predusts, seasoning blends and breadings. Like batters, not all commercial breadings perform the same. Each crumb’s taste, texture, appearance and processing characteristics depend on its unique formulation and the way it is baked. Newly Weds Foods’ Coatings Group has the expertise to ensure everything works together for a perfect finished product. A recent addition to the Newly Weds Foods breading portfolio is the Biscuit Crumb.This unique product delivers a tender bite reminiscent of Southern style homemade biscuits. Consumers looking for a new experience will appreciate the warm sense of nostalgia this coating will convey. Perfect for pairing with breakfast inspired flavors like bacon, maple and fruits.

—Newly Weds Foods,

Consider Potatoes

An innovative, cost-effective solution for gluten-free product development, potatoes offer many benefits as a breading, crust or coating. For the standard three-step breading process of flour, egg and breadcrumbs, instead start with potato flour and finish with potato flakes for a delicious, gluten-free alternative.

—Potatoes USA,