Foodies at Expo East are being welcomed with Better Bubbles from HyVIDA, a hydrogen infused sparkling water. With multiple patents pending for infusing hydrogen and magnesium in carbonated beverages, HyVIDA delivers a functional sparkling water at a higher pH, resulting in a lighter bubbly taste, smoother finish, less acidic burn, and a significant amount of antioxidants that consumers feel.
HyVIDA contains three ingredients (carbonated water, magnesium, and added hydrogen gas), no calories, no sugars, no sweeteners and no caffeine, and is available in three varieties: Pure, Organic Raspberry, and Organic Lemon Lime.
Hydrogen gas (H2) is backed by significant science and supported by 1,000+ published medical studies as a powerful antioxidant to boost cognitive function, exercise performance and recovery, and other wellness benefits, including gut health. Adding it to sparkling water gives a lighter bubbly mouth feel in addition to the health benefits.
Magnesium is well understood as a critical mineral that aids in over 300 bodily functions particularly the nervous system. Adding it to HyVIDA increases the pH making it much smoother on the pallet.
HyVIDA Brands is an early-stage, award-winning beverage company pioneering Hydrogen Infused Sparkling Waters and related beverages that offer healthy lifestyle benefits due to hydrogen’s unique antioxidant properties. Launched in 2018 by experienced medical technology entrepreneurs, HyVIDA’s headquarters & research facility are located in Muskegon, Michigan. HyVIDA has a robust intellectual property portfolio including multiple patents pending and trade secrets that enable low-cost highly scalable hydrogen infused beverages.