The Master Chefs’ Institute recently issued Lamb Weston a Seal of Excellence rating across five product categories, comprising 52 Lamb Weston potato products. The Master Chefs’ Institute, an organization comprised of Certified Master Chefs, is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of culinary excellence by conducting comprehensive and objective third-party testing of food products, beverages, and equipment.
Lamb Weston frozen potato products were submitted for testing against national competitors’ products. Different lots of products were tested independently against a variety of attributes. All the products Lamb Weston submitted for testing qualified for the Seal of Excellence, which signifies the products achieved the Master Chef standard of quality.
“Approximately 20% of the products tested by the Master Chefs’ Institute have qualified for the Seal of Excellence, so it’s an honor having fifty-two of our products qualify for this rating. The rating really showcases our ongoing commitment to product quality,” said Kim Cupelli, Vice President of Marketing at Lamb Weston.
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