GNT Group will demonstrate how its EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are perfectly placed to meet some of the biggest global market trends at Food Ingredients Europe, December 3-5, 2019 in Paris.

With a selection of eye-catching vegan burgers, pastries and drinks on offer at stand 6C80, GNT will showcase how its EXBERRY® Coloring Foods help manufacturers align with modern trends such as clean label, plant-based, Instagrammability and organic.

Visitors to the stand will also discover the new focus color for GNT’s latest “Love Color” campaign, which will reflect public feeling for 2020.

“Consumer needs are increasingly complex, and food and beverage manufacturers face more challenges than ever,” says GNT’s Director of International Sales and Marketing, Paul Collins. “Alongside the growing demand for visually attractive, ‘Instagrammable’ products, consumers are increasingly taking an interest in the link between food and social responsibility. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are plant-based, vegan-friendly, halal and kosher, and with an unrivalled range of shades, they encapsulate the best of all worlds.”

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods enable manufacturers to connect with consumer demands across many areas, including:

Clean label: With consumers paying more attention to ingredient lists, it is more important than ever to offer clean-label products. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods support clean and clear labeling and are considered foods in their own right—to the extent that they can be consumed safely at any point during the production process.

Plant-based diets: Flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets are on the rise across Europe and demand for plant-based colors is growing every year. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are obtained from fruits, vegetables and edible plants and manufactured using water and gentle, physical processes such as pressing, chopping, filtering and concentrating.

Instagrammability factor: When it comes to the power of social media in the food and beverage industry, the numbers don’t lie. Modern consumers are increasingly on the lookout for eye-catching products that inspire emotions and can create a buzz on Instagram. EXBERRY® offers the widest range of Coloring Foods on the market, comprising more than 400 shades.

Organic trend: Mintel research shows that 17% of food and drink products launched in Europe in the last decade have carried an organic claim. To meet growing demand for organic products, GNT offers EXBERRY® Organics, which are certified according to recognized EU organic standards and include blues, reds, yellows, oranges and purples.

GNT Group’s dedicated in-house experts will be on site to provide insight and advice into how EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can meet consumer demand in different regions around the globe. 

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