Vegan Rob's launched bagged teas to help solve mental health issues for root-causing personalized behaviors from loneliness, boredom, anxiety, depression, obesity, insecurity, lack of confidence, and sleep deprivation.
The teas will derive from herbs, roots and flowers, with the expertise of herbalists, dieticians, and psychologists. Vegan Rob's has created a new category to help solve society's underlying problems that starts with mental health.
An overall trend is to talk about these mental health issues and bring them out so they can be addressed. Herbal and root remedies are becoming more widely studied and used to better people's lives as well as to discourage dependency on drugs.
Mental health issues are being discussed globally and Vegan Rob's is providing help and support as well offer a new path to wellness from the mind to the body.
Through research, Vegan Rob's has discovered that effective herbs, roots and flowers can lower the use of pharmaceuticals, lower blood pressure, increase mental stability and ease the mind from everyday issues even for a moment.
Practicing meditation, exercising at least 150 minutes a week and diet are the best practice for mental health and losing weight.
Vegan Robs plans to expand the mental health initiatives with snacks and bars in 2020.
The mental health teas will retail for $5.99 and be available direct to consumer and at retail.

A snack pioneer since 1986, Robert Ehrlich founded global snack food company Vegan Rob's in 2015.