Spray Gourmet, a Florida-based company, is offering a fresh, new look on how consumers make food. In an effort to achieve the best flavor for breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to shop weekly to maintain fresh spices, consumers can now rely on Spray Gourmet Liquid Spices. 

Spray Gourmet's spices are pure, extracted spice resins placed into a convenient mini spray bottle for easy use. Free of any elements that traditionally find a way into traditional spices, Spray Gourmet's spices are clean and pure. SG's Spices maintain freshness throughout an extended shelf life. 

With the home cook in mind, Spray Gourmet has made following recipes easy, configuring each full spray expressed to equal the standard amount regularly used in each spice. (1 spray = 1 teaspoon). Along with its convenient mini-trigger application, Spray Gourmet makes cooking fun, clean and easy.