Ramar Foods is pioneering the first line of premium, uncured frozen Filipino breakfast meats. The line will be launched under Ramar’s premium brand, Magnolia.

Following the success of their current line of Magnolia breakfast meats, Ramar invested in market research that led to the development of uncured frozen products. The research showed the growing trend among Filipino-Americans in making healthier choices on CPG consumption. Similar data shows the trend with general market consumption. According to Neilsen, nitrate/nitrite-free pre-packaged meat is growing at a rate four times faster than conventional pre-packaged meat. 

To meet these market demands, Magnolia premium uncured meats aim to offer the classic taste but with simple, nitrate/nitrite-free ingredients as they continuously expand their commitment to nourishing the community.

The uncured line will include different new varieties of Filipino breakfast meats:

• Longganisa - Filipino sausage that comes in different flavors such as pork sweet hamonado and chicken

• Tocino - Filipino cut meat marinated in sweet sauce comes in chicken or pork flavors

Both longganisa and tocino meats are tasty staples in Filipino breakfast. Magnolia premium uncured frozen breakfast meats will provide better options for Filipinos, Filipino-Americans and other Filipino food enthusiasts to enjoy without much guilt! 

Magnolia premium uncured breakfast meats will be available in Asian stores and Asian aisles by the end of June 2020.