Ingredion Incorporated, a global provider of ingredient solutions, announced the completion of its rice manufacturing expansion in Banglen, Thailand. The expansion is part of the company’s ongoing investment strategy to support customers globally through the growth of its speciality food ingredients business.

“Ingredion is a pioneer in the clean label movement and we understand consumer attitudes and preferences towards specific ingredients and claims, thanks to more than 25 years of experience in this space and the largest consumer research globally conducted on a regular basis. Being a well-recognised kitchen cupboard staple, non-GMO, hypoallergenic and gluten-free, rice continues to be an on-trend ingredient,” said Daniel Haley, global platform leader, Clean and Simple, Ingredion.

“The completion of our rice manufacturing expansion in Banglen, Thailand further positions Ingredion to provide our North American customers with consumer trusted, recognizable and on-trend rice ingredients with a secure and reliable supply chain,” said Patrick O’Brien, Ingredion’s regional platform manager for Clean & Simple Ingredients in the US and Canada.

In addition to processing regular rice-based products, the facility has also enabled the development of multi-functional waxy rice flours which deliver smooth and creamy textures, with moderate to high process tolerance and offer superior stability in ambient, refrigerated and freeze/thaw conditions. These innovative products complement the Company’s functional native clean label portfolio, providing customers with choices that best meet their processes, recipes, desired sensory experiences and consumer preferences.