Beverage USA Holdings Inc. announced the acquisition of the assets of Nerd Beverage Corporation, a mental acuity drink company designed to disrupt the industry as it enhances focus, concentration, memory and energy with powerful nootropics and performance-boosting nutrients.
Launched in Texas in 2006, NERD™ introduced NERD™ Focus. Available in more than 800 retailers and online, NERD™ Focus contains both nootropics and adaptogens creating a proprietary formula aimed to aid mental acuity for college students, health care professionals, gamers and much more. NERD™ paved the way for a focus umbrella in the beverage industry, which as a whole, is predicted to hit $208.10 billion by 2024.
Growth and Market Expansion Strategy
• Increase number of markets where NERD™ Focus is available to eventually expand globally
•  Roll out to Las Vegas market by year-end
• Plans to hit $7-10 million in projected revenue by the year 2022
•  Establish partnerships and sponsorships in realms such as eSports and gaming, extreme sports, music and entertainment, fashion and streetwear, and more
•  Build brand equity through product, packaging, image and associations
NERD™ Focus
• Making waves in the beverage industry and rival energy drinks without hefty doses of caffeine and toxic chemicals
• Designed by a University of Texas student while applying to medical school who wanted to safely be able to enhance focus and energy
•  NERD™ Focus contains a careful balance of result-driven ingredients such as Alpha-GPC, Huperzine-A, GABA, DMAE, and Ginkgo Biloba
• After four years in business, NERD™ Focus was hitting more than $1 million in annual sales
The BevUSA leadership team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the beverage, distribution, e-commerce, logistics and finance industries. With NERD™ Focus’ extreme opportunity for growth in the marketplace, BevUSA is continuing to evaluate potential partners in order to expand its strategy for a nationwide footprint.