Vegan Smoked Gouda

Gold Coast Ingredients (GCI) introduces Vegan Smoked Gouda Flavor. GCI Smoked Gouda Flavor is a mouth-watering alternative for standard cheese flavors such as cheddar, white cheddar, and nacho cheese. This flavor is made with all natural ingredients, dairy-free, and is available in powder and liquid forms to compliment a range of food products. GCI Smoked Gouda Flavor pairs well with bakery products such as biscuits, bread, bagels, crackers, as well as snack foods including nuts, chips, dried beans, and meat snacks. It also can be used as an ingredient to enhance the flavor of dips, sauces, and dairy substitute products.

— Gold Coast Ingredients,

Clean Label Non-Dairy Cream

Butter Buds has recently introduced this new product as part of their “Clean Label” offerings. This clean label product does not use maltodextrin as a carrier, instead replaces it with inulin or chicory root. It adds richness, masks off-flavors and is a kosher pareve product that also is allergen-free. This Non-Dairy Cream is a great fit for any nutritional beverage or bar applications, including plant-based projects, since it has an allergen-free status.

— Butter Buds Inc.,

Protein Power

Get a healthful pop of dairy phospholipids and green tea polyphenols in a delicious protein-fortified Matcha Latte concept drink. The application scientists at Hilmar Ingredients designed the RTD to showcase two unique whey proteins. Hilmar 7500 Milkfat Globule Membrane (MFGM) whey protein concentrate is derived from sweet whey by a proprietary process that enables the enrichment of the Milkfat Globule Membrane fraction. High in phospholipids, an excellent amino acid score and useful functionality make Hilmar 7500 ideal in a variety of food and nutritional applications especially infant formula, supplement products and adult nutrition. Hilmar 9400 whey protein isolate is a highly functional WPI with clean flavor and heat stability. At greater than 90% protein, Hilmar 9400 also contributes maximum protein with almost no fat or carbohydrate.

— Hilmar Ingredients, div. of Hilmar Cheese,

Quick Service

With the addition and certification of First Choice Ingredients’ new Spray Drying Pilot Plant, customers can now have smaller quantities of clean‐label dairy concentrates in days rather than months. The new unit includes state‐of‐the‐art safety features, which meet the latest NFPA guidelines, which means FCI’s expansive dry product line, including Organic, Kosher, rBST‐Free and Non‐GMO Project Verified variations, is now available for scale‐ups quickly. That includes popular concentrates like brown butter, cave‐aged blue cheese, sweet cream and FCI’s new toasted cheese offerings. “From a few pounds of organic butter to a few hundred pounds of sharp cheddar, we now have a solution to help speed up our customers’ scale‐ups,” said Roger Mullins, senior vice president.

— First Choice Ingredients,