Path of Life, makers of frozen quinoa, rice and veggie blends is ready to go beyond the frozen side category. In order to create innovative new product lines, the Live Simple brand announced its preferred partnerships with two product development firms – Artisan Row and Brisan Group.

Artisan Row is a Minneapolis-based food design and development brand that uses thoughtful strategy and product development to create new product innovations. Brisan Group is a Chicago-based product insights and development firm that turns ideas into products.
The primary role of these partnerships will be to provide Path of Life with research and insights into the frozen category in order to identify new line extensions and key white space opportunities that are ready for disruption, all while still holding true to the Live Simple brand promises.

With innovation as a core part of the frozen grain and vegetable blend brand, Path of Life is excited to lean on the expertise of these two product development companies to create new food innovations in and out of the frozen aisle. Path of Life always wants to provide their customers with more wholesome and convenient food choices and Artisan Row and Brisan Group will help the brand identify exactly what consumers are looking for.
Additionally, the Live Simple brand has brought on Charolette Browder as their very own culinary scientist. In this role, Browder will fill the shoes of both a food scientist and corporate chef and will work closely with both the marketing and quality assurance departments to streamline the product development process.