Say hello to the bold and reimagined noodle from immi, the world’s first low-carb, high-protein instant ramen. immi’s mission is to enrich lives through the vibrant world of Asian American food, starting with the reinvention of one of the world’s most nostalgic and crave worthy foods. 

The instant ramen category has remained stagnant for years and consumers have drifted away from the convenient category due to its negative health effects. immi captures that same satisfying ramen feeling with a makeover of better ingredients and crafted flavors, for a more nutritious and equally delicious bowl. Finally, you can feel great about eating ramen every day. 

immi pays homage to beloved Asian American foods by reinventing them with nutritious ingredients and impressive macros while never sacrificing indulgent flavor. immi has 9g of net carbs, is packed with 31g of protein and 9g of fiber, is keto-friendly, and is entirely plant-based. Compared to traditional instant ramen brands, immi is up to 75% fewer in net carbs, up to five times more protein, up to three times more fiber, and up to 35% lower in sodium. 

"Kevin and I have been connected to the Asian food scene from farm-to-table since we were children. His grandparents are produce farmers in Taiwan, my grandmother ran a hawker stall selling noodles in Thailand, and my dad ran an Asian supermarket and a Thai restaurant concept in Los Angeles,” says Kevin Chanthasiriphan, co-founder of immi. “We are passionate about instant noodles and have been eating them our entire lives since we were children, so we're looking forward to sharing our take on better-for-you instant ramen.”

“Consumer preferences for nutrition and wellness around the world have changed. We’ve all grown up, but instant ramen hasn’t. It’s a category waiting to be revitalized,” says Kevin Lee, co-founder of immi. “We started immi to help our families better manage their health conditions arising from poor nutrition and unhealthy diets. To do that, we’ve reimagined instant ramen from the ground up to bring a healthier and more nutritious version of instant ramen to the world.” 

immi is launching with three bold flavors: Black Garlic Chicken, Tom Yum Shrimp, and Spicy Beef. immi is available nationally online and can be purchased in packs of six ($41.99), nine ($56.24) or 12 ($71.99).