Bibigo® introduced GOTCHU, an authentic Korean hot sauce, to its portfolio of traditionally inspired Korean foods like Mandu, Mini Wontons and Steamed Soup Dumplings. Made with Gochujang – a Korean hot pepper paste, fermented for a complex heat and unique flavor – GOTCHU creates a slow, balanced heat for a new depth of flavor. 

Made with the unique Gochujang flavor of sun-dried, fermented chilis, GOTCHU offers a slow heat that builds, rather than overpowers. GOTCHU's unique and complex flavor isn't just spice – it's an added layer of sweet, savory and earthy tanginess that adds new dimension and slow heat that will transform everyday meals to the next level – from dumplings and fried rice to grilled meats, pasta and pizza. GOTCHU is a sauce for K-Food and hot sauce lovers.

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GOTCHU is available in two flavors – Classic and Extra Spicy – and can be purchased at, and at select retailers. Classic is "just spicy enough" to add one-of-a-kind flavor and a slow heat kick to any dish.