Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd. introduced "Grow Daily Boys 10+" protein drink powder supporting growth and development in boys 10 and older. Launching in the US, the new line contains a patented mixture of macronutrients designed to boost an adolescent's growing body and increase muscle mass.

Grow Daily Boys 10+ was formulated with the specific nutritional needs of boys 10 and older in mind. The unique blend incorporates higher levels of macro- and micronutrients needed to support the physical development of young males entering pre-teen and teenage years. Each serving of Grow Daily Boys 10+ contains 18g high-quality whey protein, healthful lipids, and complex carbohydrates, plus micronutrients scientifically proven to be related to growth. These include zinc, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, D, and C.

The new line is available in three flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and "Plain" (a neutral base) flavor. Grow Daily Boys 10+ Plain is versatile, crafted to be added to milkshakes, fruit smoothies, yogurt, or other delicious recipes.

Grow Daily Boys 10+ was designed to supplement a boy's regular diet and ensure the optimal amount of calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients needed for regular growth and development. Whether for a physical need or to help picky eaters, the new formula is beneficial for all boys who need supplemental calories and protein to support an active lifestyle and to fill in nutritional gaps.

Grow Daily Kids 3+ and Grow Daily Boys 10+ are the new product names under the evolving Healthy Heights brand. The flagship product, Healthy Height, was developed and tested by pediatricians and clinically shown to help children aged 3-9 years old grow taller. The line also provides supporting nutrition to picky eaters, a universal problem causing stress for many families.