Four Sigmatic, the mushroom industry pioneer that brought functional mushrooms and then mushroom coffee to the US, launched its Immune Support Ground Coffee and Perform Ground Coffee following the launch of Chill Decaf Ground Coffee.

Perform Ground Coffee is the highest caffeine ground mushroom coffee created by Four Sigmatic to date. With notes of dark chocolate and nuts, this coffee features a base of premium organic dark roast beans amplified with power-balancing and productivity-supporting Cordyceps mushrooms, coffee bean extract, and L-Theanine to fuel the body and mind through even the busiest days. This mushroom coffee is made for high performers looking for energy and productivity.

Immune Support Ground Coffee is a medium roast mushroom coffee that doubles as a daily bodyguard. Like Perform, this brew also features a base of premium organic coffee, but with four immune supporting ingredients – Chaga mushrooms, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Turkey Tail. Each bag is blended with Vitamin D derived from real, whole mushrooms, which delivers 140% of the daily Vitamin D needed for immune system support. With chocolate and caramel notes, this mushroom coffee is crafted for those looking for a delicious way to elevate their internal defenses.

Both new mushroom coffees taste like coffee, not mushrooms, and feature Fair-Trade beans sustainably sourced from Pacayal Coffee, a family-run farm located 5,500 feet above sea level in southwest Honduras — always the highest quality mushrooms available.

These new products meet the same rigorous standards as all Four Sigmatic products when it comes to sourcing, quality, testing, and potency of its ingredients. Since inception, the brand has used the same family farm operations to log-grow fruiting bodies (top of the mushroom) that is researched to have approximately 15 times more active ingredients than mycelium (mushroom root system) and always extract mushrooms to ensure optimal bioavailability. All ingredients are USDA Certified organic and rigorously tested by third party sources to ensure the authenticity and utmost quality of every single batch.

Immune Support Coffee and Perform Coffee join the Four Sigmatic existing line of coffees, including Think, Gut Health, Balance, and Chill Decaf Ground Coffees. Four Sigmatic products are sold in 6,000 doors and counting, and available in over 55 countries. The brand's delicious and almost-magically easy products can also be found on and in US retailers such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, HEB, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Amazon, Thrive Market, Target, and other stores where natural products are sold