Global healthy-aging innovator MONAT Global Corp. debuted MONAT Vegan Protein, the latest addition to the company’s wellness portfolio. MONAT Vegan Protein is a smooth blend of plant proteins and superfoods, delivering 20g of  protein in each serving with 0g of sugar and 100 calories.

Created in partnership with holistic expert Dr. Brent Agin, MONAT Vegan Protein offers a way to meet the daily protein requirements of an active lifestyle by supporting post-workout recovery, a leaner body, and healthy weight in combination with diet and exercise.

In addition to plant proteins and superfoods, the dynamic formula also includes a custom blend of unique mushrooms, each of which have been long valued in traditional medicine for their powerful properties. Formulated without synthetic flavors, synthetic colors, synthetic sweeteners, gluten, dairy or soy, MONAT Vegan Protein has a velvety-smooth, grit-free texture that mixes easily in water or plant milk and a creamy, delicious, natural vanilla flavor.

As with all MONAT products, MONAT Vegan Protein is naturally-based, vegan and animal friendly. MONAT Vegan Protein is available through a MONAT Market Partner and on