Eat Me Guilt Free's line of brownies leveled up taste and texture with a brand-new formula. Eat Me Guilt Free launched its "Free Delicious" campaign to educate consumers about a new generation of healthy snack alternatives.

In development for two years, Eat Me Guilt Free's new and improved formula has less sugar, is non-GMO and uses modified atmosphere packaging to exclude unnecessary preservatives. It features ingredients sourced in Europe, where regulations against food additives are more stringent than in the US. The new formula contains 14g of protein, and is low-carb, with under 200 calories per serving. While improving the quality of ingredients in its products, Eat Me Guilt Free remains focused on maintaining an unprecedented protein-packed and low-carb ratio.

All of Eat Me Guilt Free's brownies are derived from its Original Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Blondie. Eat Me Guilt Free crafted the new recipe to offer customers a brownie with taste, texture, smell and better-for-you ingredients. Original Chocolate Brownies are sold in a box of 12 for $36.

The new Vanilla Blondie has improved texture, moisture and taste. Vanilla Blondies are available in a box of 12, priced at $36.

Eat Me Guilt Free is dedicated to the enhancement of its existing products and is committed to creating new and improved formulas. The brand is not raising its prices with its new formulas so that it can continue to deliver treats that are healthier alternatives to traditional snacks.

The company's product line currently includes brownies, tortilla wraps, protein bread, cakes, and cookies. The products are available for purchase at more than 3,000 independent retailers nationwide, GNC, all locations of The Vitamin Shoppe, as well as through