New global research from Kerry indicates that most protein consumers are motivated by health and wellness, with 50% of respondents associating protein with “healthy diet” and 46% with “healthy lifestyle.” 

Kerry’s new report, “The Protein Mindset: Uncovering Consumers’ Perceptions and Preferences of Proteins” details how consumers around the world increasingly perceive protein content and quality as fundamental drivers of their food and beverage purchase choices. 

The report also found that consumers are willing to pay a premium for protein fortification. Seventy-five percent of global consumers have indicated they would pay a higher price for protein-fortified food and beverages. In fact, more than half of global consumers would pay a 10% premium, and an additional 15% would be willing to pay a 25% premium. 

The research also confirms that taste is the top purchase consideration for more than 60% of global consumers; the quality of protein ranks next. 

This timely report highlights the crucial rise in market acceptance of added protein in consumption of everyday foods and beverages, but also in indulgent snacks and treats. On-pack claims of “better for you,” “healthy halo” and “clean label” were identified as crucial to creating protein-based foods and beverages that will resonate with consumers.

Also discussed are the top current opportunities for innovation in product development, and the ways in which Kerry can support food and beverage manufacturers as they apply this research directly to their product development efforts. 

“Accelerated by COVID-19 and consumer focus on health and rising interest in proactive—versus reactive—nutrition, rapid change has occurred recently in food and beverage markets around the world as broader awareness of the many benefits of protein increasingly drives purchase decisions among mainstream consumers,” said Soumya Nair, Global Director, Consumer Research and Insights. “This extensive Kerry research puts protein foods and beverages squarely under a microscope to understand where the opportunities lie for brands to innovate.”

In preparing this report, Kerry surveyed more than 6,300 consumers across 12 countries within North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Those who qualified for the research study included health and wellness-conscious consumers, and those who prioritize products with added protein when making food and beverage purchase decisions. The study explored the appeal of 23 different sources of protein (animal, dairy and plant-based) and the relevance of protein fortification across 30 different foods and beverages. Country-specific findings with more detailed targeted analyses are available to Kerry customers upon request.

“There is little doubt the protein revolution in food and beverages offers exciting and dynamic opportunities for all product developers,” Nair concludes. “This timely report provides a range of insights to consider incorporating within their short- and long-term product planning and development processes.”

Kerry’s The Protein Mindset: Uncovering Consumers’ Perceptions and Preferences of Proteins report.

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