Nexira used this year’s Food Ingredients Europe exhibition to introduce naltive locust bean gum, a natural and highly efficient texturizer. It offers the highest viscosity at lower temperatures and is easy-to-use in traditional and plant-based formulations.

naltive LBG 190 FV is an extra high grade locust bean gum offering extremely white color and containing no black speck. naltive LBG 190 FV offers the highest viscosity at lower temperature. This high-performance specialty can reach 80% to 90% of its maximum potential viscosity at 50°C and this provides several benefits:

- EFFICIENT in industrial process with temperatures lower than 80°C

- PROVIDES a texturizing and stabilizing effect at lower temperature

- PROTECTS the protein matrix during the sensitive step of rising temperature

- RESULTS in smoother texture, better creaminess, and controlled syneresis

Thanks to its specific functionality, naltive LBG 190 FV is easy-to-use in a large array of traditional applications and plant-based products: cream cheese, spreadable cheese, ice creams, yogurt and all the equivalent recipes in dairy alternatives! 

Locust bean gum is a natural texturizer and is simply labeled as locust bean gum.

Carob trees grow primarily grow natural and wild in semi-arid Mediterranean areas. Carob trees help fight desertification, act as a fire barrier and protect soil from erosion. Carob picking occurs at the end of the summer and supports local population being a valuable source of revenue. Once picked, carob pods are separated from the seeds which are further manufactured to locust bean gum using purely natural and physical processes.

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